About Us

“A luta continua, vitória é certa’ – 'The struggle continues. Victory is certain!”

This was the war cry to Mozambican freedom fighters during their fight for independence.

Aluta Sunglasses taps into the vast reservoir to tell authentic stories of African Excellence.

Aluta sunglasses draw its inspiration from the contributions made by sons and daughters of the African soil and the Diaspora and as
such, strives to embody the spirit of pan-africanism and revolutionary ethos.

We seek to ‘reframe’ the African perspective. i.e;

The way you see Africa through the lenses of our sunglasses and

The way the world sees Africa

The way we as African see ourselves

We are about breaking free from the mould of conventional thinking, standing out from the crowd in a world that thrives on
conformity. Aluta is about self expression whilst affirming our heritage.