About us

We cater to different personalities and sense of style ranging from; the classic man/woman,  fashion rebels, vintage souls, to die-hard fashionistas.  

We release only a limited number of sunglasses per collection and DO NOT repeat once sold out.

Each pair comes with a stylish. foldable branded pouch and a smooth non-scratch branded cleaning cloth.

Product Specifications:

High Quality | Great fit and comfort | Shatterproof lenses| Durable frames




We release more than 40 different styles per season, with each style having a limited number of never to be repeated units thereby giving our clients that much sought after element of exclusivity.

To make choosing a pair of Aluta sunglasses as seamless as possible, we categorize our product offereing into four ranges which we call ‘movements’ to tie in with the brand’s revolutionary ethos. These are;

Coolkid Movement
Retro-chic Movement
Fashion Forward Movement

Classic Man/ Woman Movement.