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Aluta Sunglasses

“A luta Continua. Victoria Acerta’ – 'The struggle continues. Victory is certain!”.

This was the rallying cry of Mozambican freedom fighters during the turbulent times of the ‘70s and ‘80s in the front lines of their battle for liberation.
We took this clarion call and packaged it into a unique, quality, trendy yet classy brand that resonates with today’s personal ‘struggle’.
The new struggle is about being unapologetically authentic, individualistic; it is about breaking free from the mould of conventional thinking and fashion, standing out from the crowd in a world that thrives on conformity; it’s about making an individual statement wherever you go! It’s abut self expression.
We release only a limited number of sunglasses per collection and DO NOT repeat once sold out! We keep it fresh and moving! Why be a “me too” when you were born an original?
Why must a brand be from Paris, Rome or Madrid to be seen as quality? Well, Aluta is from Joburg and proudly celebrates black excellence and embodies the spirit of pan-africanism! It is celebration of the sacrifices made by sons and daughters of the African soil and the Diaspora. This is why Dr. Maya Angelou’s words, “I am the hope and dream of the slave” resonate so deeply with us.

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