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  • CoolKid Movement

    The Aluta Cool Kid Movement pays tribute to the non-conformist, the anti-establishment, the unorthodox, the eccentric, the over the top, the unconventional, the weirdos, the edgy, the boundary breakers, the revolutionaries. Aluta salutes you rebels  

  • Retro-chic Movement

    This range was Inspired by the "old soul", the vintage lovers, the soulful, the free spirits, the retro-cool, hippies, the fashion veterans, That Jimi Hendrix, that Nina Simone, The Soil in sophiatown vibe, Amandla

  • Classic Movement

    This range resonates with the lovers of class, chic, sophisticated, simple, minimalistic, elegant, crisp, timeless fashion.Fuse is with Biko's intellect, add Malcom X's boldness, Muhamed Ali's charm and Jidenna's swag then you got yourself an Aluta Classic Man

    Flip the coin, take Mama Winnie's timeless style and beauty, mix it with Michelle Obama's effortless elegance, jazz it up with Janelle Monae's pizzaz and you've got yourself an Aluta Classic Woman. Pure Class.  

  • Fashion Forward

    This one is for the Fashion conscious, those with flair for the dramatic, the fashionistas, the "woke", the "with it", the rockers of up-to the minute, on trend-fashion, the leaders of the pack, the always ahead of the fashion curve, the futuristic, those at the cutting edge of fashion, Aluta salutes you trend setters.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items