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  • Aluta Sunglasses

    Can deliver a pair of awesome sunglasses to your doorstep within our delivery region

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    we available to showcase at any market events in the aim to promote a proudly South African brand

  • Great Value 

    We release only a selected number of sunglasses per collection that are never to be repeated

About Aluta Sunglasses

"Aluta Continua. Victoria Acerta" The struggle continues, victory is certain.

This was a struggle cry of Mozambican freedom fighters during turbulent times in the 70's in the front lines of their battle for liberation. We took this clarion call and packaged into a unique, quality, trendy yet classy brand that resonates with today's personal 'struggles'.

Why must a brand from France or Madrid, be seen as quality? Well, Aluta is from Joburg and proudly celebrates black excellence and embraces the spirit of pan-africanism!